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Do You Doula?


Are you still exploring how a doula might support you? Are you wondering what doula support could mean for you and your family? Find answers to these commonly asked questions and how doula Gabrielle works with her clients below.

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How are you different from a midwife?
What services do you provide as a doula?

I think the easiest way to understand the difference between midwives and doulas is to understand what constitutes medical or clinical care and what constitutes non-medical or clinical care.

Nurse midwives (NMs), who most often practice in hospitals in Alabama, and Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs), who practice in home birth or birth center settings, provide medical and clinical care to expecting families. Midwives are able to provide routine prenatal medical care and perform any clinical or medical tasks, such as checking blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, etc. If you work with a midwife, your midwife will be the one to "catch your baby" when it is time to give birth.

As a doula, I am skilled in providing educational, planning, emotional, and physical support during pregnancy, birth, and your postpartum transition in ways that are considered non-medical (i.e., I can explain to families what they need to know about cervical checks, but I will not perform a vaginal exam.). As such, in my services, I provide childbirth and postpartum planning education classes; in-person (and at times, virtual) continuous labor support; and postpartum care sessions to help families as they transition into their postpartum experiences.

Many of my clients have appreciated the midwifery model of care. Are you currently thinking through your care provider options? Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss your options.

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