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Birth + Postpartum Support

Planning for birth often takes center stage, but having a postpartum plan is equally important!


Gabrielle's doula services are designed to have both your birth and postpartum needs in mind. Prenatal sessions will provide opportunities to explore how your birth decisions can influence your postpartum needs, and how your postpartum decisions can influence your birth vision. As your doula, my goal is to help you and your birth partner reduce stress and provide the birth and postpartum support you desire.


A Good Start Package

Labor and Postpartum Support - $1,200.00

This package is for parents-to-be who are interested in prenatal planning, continuous labor support, and postpartum care. Great for first time parents, parents-to-be interested in breastfeeding, those wanting continuity of postpartum care, and birthing couples who desire additional support and advocacy, this package includes:

Unlimited email and phone support during pregnancy and the first three months postpartum 

Three to Four Prenatal Sessions

Designed to include both you and your birth partner, these sessions will help you consider how best to use the remainder of your pregnancy to prepare for your birth experience and ​postpartum transition.

Continuous Labor Support

From early labor to active labor, I will be providing you and your birth partner with the emotional and physical support needed to help you work as a team and facilitate your birth desires.

Immediate and In-Home Postpartum Care

When your newborn has arrived, I will continue to provide care to you and your birth partner to support your postpartum transition.

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Planning and Postpartum Care

All YDC Postpartum Packages Include:

One or Two

Prenatal Sessions

Mothercare, Babycare, and Partner Support

House-care, Meal Planning and Errands

Keep It Simple - $250

Two 3-hour postpartum sessions, used within the first month

Postpartum Comfort - $400

Four 3-hour postpartum sessions, used within two months

Smooth Transition - $550

Six 3-hour postpartum sessions, used within three months

Postpartum Session, A La Carte - $75

Per 3-hour postpartum sessions


Childbirth Education +

A Good Start

Gabrielle and Traci have come together to serve birthing families with a Premium Collaborative Care package that covers every area of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support, including photography options. This package combines the best of our services, including but not limited to:

Prenatal Counseling 24/7​

The Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class (Contact for Childbirth Class Options without Collaborative Care)

The Spinning Babies® Parents Class

 Prenatal Postpartum Planning Sessions

Help to create a Birth and Postpartum Plan

Attending Client-Care Provider Appointments

Help Facilitating Conversation with Your Care Team

Unlimited Labor Support

24 hour After-Birth Postpartum Visit

​Two In-Home Postpartum Care Sessions

Learn "Keeping Your Power℠"and Effective Advocacy

Collaborative Care with Gabrielle and Traci Weafer



Financial Considerations

There are Options to Afford Doula Care! 

Gabrielle is dedicated to trying to support women and families in meaningful ways, and is happy to discuss your financial considerations and questions. Gabrielle can work with clients to establish payment plans and can talk with you about your specific needs.


Scholarship For Expecting Black Families!


Gabrielle offers a gift-in-kind scholarship opportunity to African American mothers to encourage accessibility to doula support and care. As our nation continues to recognize racially disparate health outcomes for black maternal and infant care, Gabrielle wants to see black women and their family feel empowered in the birth space and encouraged that their Vision, Values, Village, and Voice matter. 

To learn more about financial considerations, please connect via the interest form and share your questions there!


Gabrielle Daniels, Birth and Postpartum Doula

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