Benefits of Planning Ahead

By intentionally planning ahead, you will have the best opportunity to lay a good foundation to support your birth and postpartum desires. 


Your Doula Cares is here to support your planning process!

Taking the Time to Prepare

When you imagine your birth experience and postpartum transition, what comes to mind?


Developing your unique vision and plan for your birth and postpartum experience can take time as you learn about your options, gather evidence-based information, and identify the care team that appreciates your values and desires. As your doula, my goal is to help you and your birth partner navigate your planning process and establish a plan that you have confidence and comfort in for your labor and postpartum transition. 


Navigating Your Planning Process

What kind of environment do you hope for in your birthing space?

Do you desire an un-medicated or low intervention birth experience?

How would you like to spend the first hour with your newborn?

What kind of support would you want to have at home thereafter?

You deserve to know what works best for you and your family.

As your doula, I will support...

Your Vision
Your Values
Your Village

As you consider your Vision, Values, and Village, take time to discuss what already seems most important to you and your birth partner. Be encouraged about seeking those things out! As you consider doula support, Your Doula Cares would love to connect with you and learn about your birth and postpartum goals.

Gabrielle Daniels, Birth and Postpartum Doula

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