Compassionate Continuity of  Doula Care

through Pregnancy, Labor, & the Postpartum Transition

Gabrielle Daniels is a birth and postpartum doula serving expecting

families in Montgomery, AL and the River Region.

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Welcoming your little one(s)'s birth and newborn season will create life-changing memories!

Good memories come when your birth and postpartum desires are supported. 


Whether this is your first pregnancy or you're expecting again, knowing your options, having evidenced-based information, and considering the doula support that is right for your family will help you feel more empowered and prepared as you plan for your desired birth and postpartum experience and needs.


Choosing a Care Plan

Birth Support & Postpartum Support Services

As you plan, why not consider birth and postpartum support, combined.


Whether you desire continuous labor support or additional postpartum care, Gabrielle's services are designed to meet your birth and postpartum needs. All care packages include prenatal planning support to help you prepare for your birth and postpartum transition.

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Gabrielle provides in person and virtual consultations so you and your birth partner can:

  • Discuss your pregnancy experience  

  • Share more about your needs and interests and learn more about working with Gabrielle for doula support

  • Receive more information about payment options, including scholarship support

  • Explore next steps to make the choice that is best for your family!

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